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At fulfillment of the Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, of services of the society of the information and of electronic trade, Nutrition Chefs SL informs it that it is to title of the websites: www.fortianutrition.com, of accord with the requirement of the article 10 of the mentioned Law, Nutrition Chefs SL, notifies the following data: the titular of this website is Nutrition Chefs SL, with NIF/CIF: B63937528, and social domicile: Av. Onze de setembre, 14 Postal Code: 08415, Locality: Bigues i Riells, Province: Barcelona. The address of e-mail of contact is: info@fortianutrition.com


The navigation for access or use of the website www.fortianutrition.com and continuums the subdomains and directories included under this, as well as the services or contents that through him can obtain and continuums the portals of low own command titularity of Nutrition Chefs SL, awards the Condition of User, for which accept , at sailing for the page Nutrition Chefs SL, all the conditions of use that establish here without prejudicing the app of the corresponding rule of obliged legal fulfillment bren the case.

Therefore, if the considerations detailed at this legal notice are not of his compliance, pray do not do use of the portal, since any use that do of the same or the services and contents at him included will imply the acceptance of the legal terms collected at this text.

The website of Nutrition Chefs SL provides big diversity of information, services and data. The user assumes his responsibility at the correct use of the websites. This responsibility will extend at: The veracity and legality of the informations contributed by the user at the forms emitted by Nutrition Chefs SL to access at determinate contents or services offered by the web.

The use of the information, services and data offered by Nutrition Chefs SL will not go against the disposals of these conditions, the Law, the morale, the nice habits or the public order or that, at another case, can suppose lesion of the royalties of third or of the operation of the websites. At this effect, the User will abstain to utilise any one of the contents with purposes or illicit effects, prohibited at this text, harmful of the royalties and interests of third, or that of any form can damage, disable, overburden, deteriorate or impede the normal utilisation of the contents, other Users or of any user of Internet (hardware and software).

The users will respond of the harms and damages of #all nature that the proprietary company of the web can suffer, direct or indirectly, as a consequence of breach of any one of the derivative obligations of the use of the Web and of this politics of privacy.

In particular, already title merely indicative and no exhaustive, the User engages at not transmitting, spread or pose at the willingness of third informations, data, contents, messages, charts, drawings, archives of sound and/or image, photographs of the web.



Nutrition Chefs SL Does not do manager of the content of the websites at which can access the user through the links established at his websites and declares that at any case will examine or will exercise any type of control on the content of other pages of the mesh.

Likewise, neither it guarantees the technical availability, accuracy, veracity, validity or legality of extraneous pages at his property at which can access through the links.

Nutrition Chefs SL Declares that it has adopted all the necessary measures to eschew any harm that can derive of the navigation for his websites As a consequence, Nutrition Chefs SL does not do responsible, at any case, of the eventual harms that can suffer the user because of the navigation for Internet.

Nutrition Chefs SL Does not hold responsible of the harms or damages of any type produced at the User that take cause of failures or disconnections at the meshes of telecoms that produce the suspension, cancellation, installation or interruption of the service of the web during the provision of the same or with previous character.

The access at the web: www.fortianutrition.com does not imply the obligation for part of the company to control the absence of virus or any one other harmful computer element. It corresponds at the User, in any event, the availability of suitable tools for the detection and disinfection of harmful computer programs.

Nutrition Chefs SL Does not hold responsible of the harms produced at the computer squads, documents and/or files of the Users or of third during the provision of the service at the Portal.


The web: www.fortianutrition.com will be able to billet advertising contents or sponsored. The advertisers or patrons are the only managers to assure that the material remitted for his inclusion at the web conforms with the laws that at each case can applicable being.

Nutrition Chefs SL Will not be responsible of any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that can contain the advertising contents or of the patrons


Nutrition Chefs SL Reserves the right at realising the modifications that consider timely, without previous notice, at the content of his websites, so much regarding the contents of the websites and for his conditions of use or for the general conditions of contracting. These modifications will be able to realise, through his websites, of any admissible form at right and will be of obliged fulfillment during the time that are published at the web and until they are not modified by other posterior.


Nutrition Chefs SL Reserves the right to utilise cookies at the navigation of the user for his websites to facilitate the personalization and comfort of the navigation. Tracking the politics of protection of data of the company, Nutrition Chefs SL informs that the cookies associate at the unnamed user already his computer and do not provide for if same or the name or the surnames of the user.

The user has the possibility to configure his browser so that it was informed of the reception of cookies, being able to, if like this desires it, impede that they install at his disk take. Nevertheless, to access at the websites of Nutrition Chefs SL is not prescriptive the installation of cookies.

The user engages at abstaining to reproduce, copy, distribute, pose at willingness or of any one other form communicate publicly, transform or modify the Contents, trait that have the authorization of the titular of the corresponding royalties or this result legally permitted.


In compliance with what establishes for the Real decree law-5/2018, for the adaptation of the Spanish Right at the rule of the European Union, for the General Regulation-EU-2016/679 of the Parliament and Europa's Council of Protection of Data of Personal Character, approved the April 27, 2016, and for the LOPD-3/2018, of guarantee of the digital royalties, Nutrition Chefs SL informs the users of his websites that are obliged at saving professional secret on the personal data collected by the company by means of the forms situated at his pages, this obligation continued even after having finalised our commercial or contractual relation, and at any case will be able to do publics the personal data of the visitors and customers at the web without his consent The minors of 14 years can not loan his consent so that a trade collect and treat his personal data; only his legal representatives (parents or headmasters) are those who can do it at his name. Those trades that need to treat data of minors of 14 years, have to have of the modes to obtain his parents's consent or headmasters, for example, by means of a message of e-mail directed at any of them that contain a link at an electronic form. It can not request at the minors of 14 years data on the familiar sphere, hears the only exception the data of identification and the parents's contact or headmasters.

These data, will be introduced at a file automated under the responsibility of the administrator of the web of, Nutrition Chefs SL with the purpose to be able to facilitate, speed up and conform the commitments established among both parts. Likewise, Nutrition Chefs SL informs of the possibility to exert the royalties of access , that permits at the user web, meet that personal data has the administrator of this page and in such a case answered at a term of 30 days, always that it conserve the data, rectification, that permits to correct errors, modify the data that are inaccurate or incomplete and guarantee the certainty of the information, opposition that will be able to solicit and achieve that it do not carry out the treatment of data, suppression that permits that they suppress the unsuited or excessive data, limitation, for which pot solicit that it limit the treatment of his data when have exerted his right at the rectification of his personal data, and portability, so that the user can obtain a copy of the personal data that have facilitated at the web so as to be able to transmit them at other services, these royalties will be able to exert for any mode that let proof of his sending and of his reception at the address: Xarel.lo, 13, Pol. Ind. Clot de Moja. Postal code: 08734. Locality: Olèrdola. Province: Barcelona. E-mail: info@fortianutrition.com, contributing photocopy of the DNI or alternative documentation that accredit his identity.

While it do not communicate us the opposite, will understand that his data have not been modified, that you engages at notifying us any variation and that have the consent to utilise them so as to be able to faithfulness the relation among the parts.

The sending of his data by means of the/the forms of our web will be subjected obligatorily at the fact that have read/accepted the Politics of Privacy, by means of a box of obligatory selection at the foot of the form.

Of accord with what establishes at the Law 34/2002, of Services of the Society of the Information and the Electronic Trade at his article 21, request his consent to be able to realise advertising communications that consider can being of his interest, for e-mail or for any one other equivalent electronic media, this consent will accept it or will deny with a box of obligatory selection at the foot of the form.


The royalties of intellectual and industrial property derivatives of continuums the texts, footage, as well as of the modes and forms of presentation and montage of his pages belong, for if same or as a assignee, at Nutrition Chefs SL. They Will be, therefore, works protected with intellectual property for the Spanish juridical arranging and will be able to the ones apply so much the Spanish and community rule at this field, like the relative international treaties at the matter and subscribed by Spain.

Continuums the secretive royalties. At fulfillment of the Law of the Intellectual Property prohibits expressly the reproduction, distribution, public communication and utilisation of the totality or part of the contents of his websites without the explicit consent of Nutrition Chefs SL

Likewise, Nutrition Chefs SL reserves the faculty to present the civil or penal actions that it consider timely for the undue utilisation of his websites and contents or for the breach of these conditions.


The seals of confidence are distinctive that provide at the online shops to evidence his quality and security at the online sale.

To achieve the seal, these are audited or assessed to check that they conform the criteria of security at the purchase and legal fulfillment at matter of privacy and protection of data of the consumers.

The shops that have of a seal of confidence are adhered at a behavioral code and use to to offer at the consumers alternative procedures of resolution of simple conflicts, fast and comfortable.


www.fortianutrition.com conforms with the rule of Protection of valid Data and with the LSSI-CE.


The relation among the user and Nutrition Chefs SL will govern for the valid Spanish rule and will be competent to decide on any controversy that can arise among the user and Nutrition Chefs SL, the courts or tribunals of the locality of Bigues i Riells