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Fortia Inersis is a registered brand of nutritional surgeries for athletes, elaborated and distributed by Nutrition Chefs, S.L. Our goal is to provide a high quality nutritional option for athletes, regardless of the discipline they practice; There are athletes of elite or amateurs, who carry out nutritional suffi- ces that allow them to improve their performance, provide energy, contribute to the strengthening and repair of the tissues, and that helps to maintain there is a regular metabolism.

In Fortia, we only use the best quality raw materials to guarantee the best results.

Our products have been developed, manufactured and packed in our facilities in Olèrdola (Barcelona), which allows us to control exactly the raw material included in each product, and guarantee that when you purchase any of the supplements of the Fortia range, you will be consuming a product of the highest quality and purity, which will help you obtain better results.


If you want a quality supplement, this is your brand. Good assimilation, good recovery, without lactose, without gluten and without sugar. I recommend any of your products. My favorite neutral protein 98% purity for every 100gr, dissolves with a finger.


All perfect

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